Welcome to Vuvuzela

Hi there! Welcome to this magazine that we at Vuvuzela have prepared with so much passion just for you. Our team of writers and software developers all have some degree of skill and talent at playing the guitar.

It is something that we instantly bonded over. What better way to help others get the same insights as we have than to plan and design our own online magazine?

That’s exactly what we did. Now you won’t have to dig the web for playing tips, guitar recommendations, mistakes to avoid or songs to play. It’s all here on Vuvuzela. Jam your heart out! Take a look at our content plan for the next few months.

The best online guitar stores

Where in the digital world can you find a broad selection of top-quality and affordable guitars? Luckily for you, there are actually a few great websites where you can do it. Vuvuzela brings you five of the best.

The best guitars for beginners

The instrument you choose will make a huge difference in whether you enjoy your training and learn efficiently or not. That is why we bring you a list of the six ultimate guitars for beginners. We even cater to both acoustic and electric players. Which are the best three for each?

What to know

Before you pick up a guitar, there are four essential things that you have to now. We will guide you through all the points.

The best songs for beginners

You don’t want to be stuck with theory too long. You want to start playing. Vuvuzela brings you four easy and fun songs to play.

Tips for great technique

The sooner you start focusing on technique the better. You will get five tips on how to be disciplined and precise from the very beginning.

The most common mistakes

Some mistakes prevent progress and reduce the thrill that playing the guitar should bring. You’ll be lucky to read our recommendations even before starting to play. You’ll learn to avoid five dangerous pitfalls from day one.

Top online classes

For a very affordable monthly price, you can get top-quality guitar training online. Learn where.

Reasons to start playing at any age

Just because you’re not a teenager, doesn’t mean you can’t start learning. There are actually some reasons why you might be more successful at learning to play after your twenties.

Musicians’ beginning stories

Discover how four legendary artists started playing the guitar and changed music forever.