5 Reasons Why You Can Learn to Play the Guitar at an Older Age

Many people past their twenties feel like learning to play the guitar is already out of reach. But it can actually be the opposite. Learn why.

Learning is now easier than ever

There are manyonline resources to learn how to play the guitar that is actually really good. From free tutorials to paid courses, the offersarelimitless. Perhaps you would feel a bit nervous about taking classes from an instructor that might be much younger than you.

With today’s websites, videos and DVDs you can learn at your own pace at the comfort of your home.


You have discipline

Many guitarists take classes as kids or teenagers but, at that age, some of them lack the work ethic and commitment that are necessary to fully explore their potential.

At an older age, you are probably much more disciplined. The projects you have set and the goals you have achieved have taught you that in order to learn or do something new, seriousness and effort are truly important.

If you put your mind to playing the guitar, it’s likely that you will have what it takes to learn and succeed.

You have more resources now

You don’t have to be anywhere near rich to start playing the guitar, but as a full-grown adult, your earning power is greater than that of a young player. They typically have to stick to cheap instruments and equipment that can undermine their motivation and the learning evolution itself.

As you’re in charge of your money, you know how to plan ahead and see if you can purchase quality material immediately or need to save for a while before acquiring a good guitar and some top-quality tools.

You set realistic expectations

It is expected that, by the time you help support a family or a home, you know how to be realistic. Many teenagers learning to play the guitar dream of becoming a huge music star. Well, many can actually achieve that but the ones who won’t are far more.

Having the mentality that you are learning in order to become the best possible guitarist, but not to get a life-changing opportunity can actually be truly liberating. You won’t be crushed by disappointments or feel the pleasure to prove yourself to others.

You will play for your love of music. And as you are able to get rid of all the anxiety and crazy hopes, your performance can be much better.

You know how to manage your time

Young guitar players have to juggle classes, homework, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and house chores. On the other hand, outside your job, you may actually have a lot of free time and by now, you have learned how to manage it for more productivity.

Playing for 10 or 20 minutes a day can be enough but you still need to adjust your schedule accordingly. Maybe you’ll have to wake up earlier or cut time from other activities, but as an adult, you know how to prioritize all your tasks and appointments throughout the day.

What are you waiting for? Learning to play the guitar will much likely be one of the great joys of your life. Skip the excuses, fears or doubts and start jamming.