Your guitar will be your beloved companion during your entire learning process. Make sure you choose a great one. At these online stores, you’ll find the best of the best.

The 5 Best Online Guitar Stores

Guitar Center

The amount of stuff you can find on Guitar Center is honestly mind-blowing. This is an incredibly large online guitar store that includes not only a broad range of the best guitars but also drums, basses and keyboards, as well as studio, live and lighting equipment.

Of course, all the guitar tools, machines and accessories you need are also available.

The clientele is spread all over the world since Guitar Center partners with many renowned international music brands. From the most innovative guitars to the timeless classics, you will find the sound that suits you best at Guitar Center.

Elderly Instruments

Elderly Instruments is one of the top players in the world of online guitar stores. Its reputation is impressive among beginners and professional musicians alike. Their catalog is extremely comprehensive, the website is very user-friendly and runs impeccably on mobile.

The store is known for its amazing offer in used vintage instruments. They make up more than a quarter of the inventory.

The Guitar Store

As is the case with Guitar Center, when the name of the store goes straight to the point you know you’ll find what you need. The Guitar Store flaunts a wide selection of top-quality guitars, as well as pedals, amplifiers, basses, ukuleles and banjos.

The store collaborates with some of the most respected guitar manufacturers in the United States, such as PRS, Fender, Breedlove, MR Black, among many others. The site is really easy and quick to navigate and the shipping is secure, reliable and efficient.


Who doesn’t love Amazon? You can find everything and anything on the platform and guitars is no exception. The best part is that you can hunt for bargains across the enormous marketplace.

If you search and choose wisely, you can get your hands on some world-class and unbelievably affordable guitars. Special deals of the day, user reviews and ratings help you opt for the best instruments available.

Norman’s Rare Guitars

The Norman’s Rare Guitars store is a true Southern Californian staple, but its online presence is just as good. The guitar collection is superb and fulfills the dreams of every beginner and expert.

The search function of the site is probably the best one of these online stores. Search results are always to the point. You can find some of the most iconic models ever.